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PolicySA works across three programme areas; Higher Education, Professional Bodies and Public Administration. Our services, a sample of which is set out below, are deployed using our unique management model, RATA™.

  • Policy development and implementation
  • Quality Management Systems: development and support
  • Reviews of programmes, schools/divisions/departments and institutions
  • Governance: development of protocols and advice in relation to compliance and best practice
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Academic and Institutional Planning
  • Alignment to the HEQSF of higher education qualifications
  • Accreditation and Re-accreditation with the HEQC/CHE for Higher Education Institutions
  • Accreditation and Re-accreditation with the QCTO for Skills Development Providers
  • DHET Registration f

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Through our training workshops, PolicySA aims to:

  • sharpen participants' problem solving, analytical, strategic planning and leadership skills to help them plan, introduce, and sustain quality services across institutional actions directly related to the national as well as their own policy environment
  • equip participants with a national spectrum of working models of development in policy practice against which they may judge and weigh national and institutional options
  • analyse the particular functional challenges shaping contemporary South Africa's policy environment and their impact on the ability of practitioners to organise policy-making processes and implement policy decisions
  • familiarise participants with the vocabulary and conceptual background necessary to engage in national cooperation and discourse in policy matters related to higher education institutions, professional bodies and public administration

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PolicySA's advisory service values giving frank, honest, comprehensive, accurate and timely advice in the development and implementation of policies. To this end, we:

  • assess your level of compliance with relevant legislation, regulations and policies
  • implement tried and tested policies that are customised for your organisation
  • review and update your policies
  • through our skills transfer approach, inform and skill your staff to manage compliance and good practices issues within your organisation

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Policies and laws alone cannot affect long-term and sustained change. They are however a necessary first step, which must be followed up by effective implementation. Implementation does not happen organically; it must be stimulated, enforced and monitored.

PolicySA's advocacy activities include engaging in high-level dialogue with policy-makers and other influential leaders on broad policy issues. Our advocacy work focus on:

  • specific issues (e.g. quality audits, governance, codes of ethics, CPD)
  • campaigns/projects that span a specific period of time
  • ongoing work that addresses a broad range of issues

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Sound policy research leads to sound political decisions. Good research is not cheap, but neither are failed policies.

Our prevailing goal at PolicySA is to use the most appropriate research methodologies available to bring the most effective ideas and approaches to enhancing everyday life.

Our associates are trained as hybrid analysts. They possess a mix of advanced analytical research skills, subject matter knowledge and, direct field expertise. Their unique talent sets allow for iterative and creative collaboration with our partners.

Through active policy research, we forge new connections between the research and policy worlds as we work towards new policy approaches. We connect at local, national and international levels, and use these to provide early warning of emerging policies and new policy challenges.

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