Higher Education

Higher education policy refers to how higher education is organised, funded and functions in society. In South Africa, the system of higher education is organised as universities, universities of technology, comprehensive universities and private higher education institutions. The system is, however, set to change once the Department of Higher Education and Training has finalised the regulations following the Higher Education Amendment Act, Act 9 of 2016, which the President of the Republic assented to in January 2017. The amendment act provides for the following categories of higher education, for both public and private higher education institutions:

  • higher education college
  • university college
  • university

The public institutions enjoy government funding, albeit to different degrees, while the private institutions do not enjoy government funding. Also, private higher education institutions do not have access to funding vehicles such as the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) or the various government research funds which are available to the public institutions. 

PolicySA works with higher education institutions (HEIs), both public and private, where we provide research, advice and training services. We focus on helping define and clarify institutional strategy, governance, quality assurance, enrolment planning, academic planning, student support services, academic administration, regulatory reporting, as well as advocating the role of higher education in our society.

For further information or where you wish to use our services, please contact us at info@policysa.com

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